About Psyche to Soul

Psyche to Soul is an umbrella of mind-body healing services, with sessions currently available in Sydney's Sutherland Shire and the Ulladulla, Mollymook, Milton area of the South Coast.

Jackalyn is the Principal and has a wealth of knowledge and experience as a therapist, empowering people through truth, knowledge and understanding of life and their lifetimes, from the mind and psyche to their individual soul.

She is a compasionate hollistic and spiritual regression therapist, motivated leader, energy and meditation coach.  "When you have a consultation with me, I will take you on a healing journey and help you remember the light you really are, your own unique soul essence, what you are here for and how to manifest that in your life. I give you practical tools and knowledge to use to improve your every day life.

What I love about the modalities I use is that they give the client internally referenced truth. They tap into their truth, what is right for them,  messages, spiritual knowledge and insights from higher sources to allow healing in the now.

"Knowledge is your power - Don't pray for a miracle - be the miracle"

About Jackalyn


I have had an extensive background in the legal field from suburbia to the high corporate level, and more recently, supporting and working with those with mental and physical disabilities within an amazing and supportive community based program.

My interest in healing of the mind, body and soul for over 25 years, led me to travel many wonderful miles, explore ancient and sacred sites both here in Australia and around the world and to gather truth, experience, knowledge and training in associated modalities. I have been practicing, studying, researching and teaching esoteric christian meditation techniques since 2001.  I Bring forward techniques, simple truths and Ancient Wisdom I have learned  and  impart this knowledge in my sessions and seminars.

I incorporate in my sessions the cleaning and clearing of negative energies, patterns and emotions that may have accumulated in your energy systems and also those which may have flowed down into your DNA from past lives, and past generations.  These negative energies often create dis-ease and ill health which impact on your daily life.

I hold a wealth of knowledge and experience in spiritual regression, esoteric meditation and energy work and feel well equipped as a teacher and therapist, to walk hand in hand in empathy, with others seeking to find answers, heal themselves and change their life and the world around them.

"My passion is the mind and the journey you make as a soul through each incarnation.

My goal is to empower you and show you how to ignite the knowledge and truth within yourself and importantly to Remember WHO YOU REALLY ARE".

If you think I can help you please contact me for more information.

                                                               "The Intuitive Mind is a sacred gift and the Rational Mind is a faithful servant.
                                                                We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotton the Gift.'
                                                                                                               ALBERT EINSTEIN

Reiki Master Teacher, Breathwork and pain relief, Feng Shui Consultant, Spiritual and Egyptian Healing, Additive Psychotherapies, Diploma in Life Purpose & Soul Coaching, Cert IV Workplace Training an Assessing, Cert IV Fine Arts, Cert IV in Disability Community Services, Biochemic Therapy, Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis, Past Life Regression Therapist, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitiner, Life Between Lives Spiritual Integration, Weight Loss Virtual Gastric Banding Technique, Facial Diagnosis, Diploma in Quantum Neuro-Linguistic Programming.